Gain Health, Lose Weight

I am confident these products will help in your weight loss journey.

I have amazing teas which transform into juices that are made specifically to aid with Weight loss, Health and fitness and Cleansing of the body from toxins. Our Pills aids in weight loss and boost your metabolism. There are four different flavors to try from our juices and its guaranteed that you will see results.

St. Patrick, Grenada

While we are mainly based in St. Patrick Grenada. We offer island wide delivery. Deliveries are done on Saturday's from 10AM to 12 NOON.

What's in our products?

Our products include all plant and herb based ingredients. 

Our Tea which transforms into a Juice includes: *Papaya *Persimmon leaves *Ginger *Myrrh *Malva leaves *Chamomile *Marshmallow *Blessed thistle *Holy thistle.

Our Pills include: *White kidney bean *Garcinia Cambogia *L Tryptophan *Green coffee extract *Valerian root extract *Passion fruit extract *Melatonin *L- Theanine