Weight Loss Program

I am Nabilla Mathura a.k.a Nabi


The Drink2shrink with Nabi weight loss program is geared towards helping person’s to shed the unhealthy fat and toxins within their body, noticed I said unhealthy fat, you don’t need to be of a certain body mass to have unhealthy fat or toxins within your body. Sadly this is what many persons of society today believe.

You can be 140 pounds but that doesn’t mean that you’re healthy.

When I first started drink2shrink in 2021 I fell in love with the idea of not having to work out and not having to necessarily diet while still losing weight and of course benefiting from the additional perks that came with the drink and pills, I mean it was too good to be true, the drink in fact does work that way.

 And I have many wonderful customers who can testify to this.

For me however I saw this special drink as an opportunity to continue the junk food, to continue the excess sugar intake, to not do stretches or even the simple task of walking, because let’s be real after I consume everything I want I can just have a week supply of the juice and I would be back where I wanted to be.

I felt my best self but I knew I wasn’t been my best self. So I decided I wanted to do more and to become my greatest and healthiest self, and I also wanted to bring along SERIOUS individuals on this journey with me. Hence I finally decided that I wanted to start this weight loss program.

I may be young in age to some of you but I believe age doesn’t matter maturity, reasoning, communication and the main one mindset is what is of utmost importance when it comes to this program. 

I believe if you have just one person that you can interact with who’s on the same journey with you, you can succeed. The sharing of good days and bad days can serve as both inspiration and motivation to help get you through the process. The best part about this is I will always be your team.

This program will teach you planning, discipline, consistency, it will teach you that not everything society says is correct, you will gain more confidence, you will be your greatest self and it will also teach you the greatest lesson of all you are human and sometimes you will make mistakes but its how you chose to come back from those mistakes that will determine who you really are.